Dmitry Velikovsky


Dmitry Velikovsky has more than 25 years of experience in architecture and design. His team of 25 professionals create consistently complex innovative projects of residential private houses starting from 500 up to 10 000 sq.m. (penthouses, villas, chalets in luxury segment) boutique hotels or office space all over the World.

Dmitry Velikovsky and his company Dmitry Velikovsky Studio LTD (DVS) deliver a range of architectural and interior design solutions for high-end residential and commercial projects. Each project is managed by a talented team of engineers, architects, draughtsman and interior designers who create innovative and inspiring interior spaces that reflect your lifestyle.

Nowadays we work on the current projects in France, Italy, Great Britain and Spain. The interiors from Dmitry Velikovsky successfully combine functionality style and comfort. Dmitry Velikovsky Studio LTD – it is always the high international recognition and respect.

DVS international team of architects specializes in large- scale residential developments, high-end private homes and commercial commissions. We deliver luxurious living spaces with sophisticated style. We incorporate state-of-the-art technology in the AV, security and heating/cooling systems, to enhance your investment and allow you to experience a completely comfortable and contemporary lifestyle. Our tailored and bespoke service means we approach each project with a fresh perspective. Our vision is eclectic, not dogmatic. We work with you to determine the style (from classical to contemporary) best suits your project, reflecting the building’s history, its setting and its owner. Take a closer look at selected luxury residential projects.

Our experienced interior design team specializes in luxurious residential properties for a discerning clientele. We also take commissions for luxury lifestyle projects: hotel, restaurant, office, yacht and aircraft interiors. Our interior designers work hand-in-hand with our architects and clients to create a unified vision for each project. The designers bring a highly refined sensibility to the selection of materials, colours, furniture, textiles, specialist lighting and accessories. We strive to create the ultimate environment, combining comfort and luxury, functionality and finish to enhance your property and maximise your investment. We take an eclectic approach: even contemporary style can include the best of the classical tradition. We create a look in harmony with the property’s history, location, ambience and the owner’s personality to impart a timeless, sophisticated style.

In all of our projects, we pride ourselves on attention to detail. This helps us create truly bespoke and one-of-a-kind interiors. We often choose furniture and accessories that are custom-made by dedicated craftsmen and artisans from across the globe: France, Italy, UK, Indonesia, China and India. Instead of superficial glamour, we prefer a unique style that respects the quality and integrity of true craftsmanship.